Colleges numbed by cuts

School Cuts

School Cuts

California colleges continue to feel the brunt of the financial crisis.  The fiscal year starts in July and school begins in August and September, but some colleges may make cuts while students are mid-stream in classes. Some community colleges are threatened with closure. Community colleges may have to cut enrollment, lay off instructors and stop offering classes at some campuses.

All of California’s interlocked higher education systems — the University of California, the California State University and the community colleges — have been hit hard by the state’s fiscal problems, but community colleges perhaps most of all. Tasked with job training, remedial education and transferring students to universities, the schools receive less money per student than either the universities or K-12 schools.If the tax initiative fails, Gov. Jerry Brown wants to slash $300 million from the 112-college system’s $3.7 billion budget. And, although he would give the schools $340 million from the dissolution of redevelopment agencies, experts say that money may not arrive in time for this year’s budget.

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