Congratulations Class of 2012

Class of 2012

Class of 2012

I was just thinking about the students graduating from College soon.  I know it has been hard work for them, as it was for me when I went through college.  It isn’t easy for anyone.  In fact, the entire education process or educational career is challenging from cradle-to-college.  A Venture Capitalist recently told me that College is the new High School, and Graduate School is the new College – after all that is where you really learn to focus on stuff that matters for you and society.  For those of you graduating, congratulations!  And keep in mind that we never stop learning, or going to school.  I am middle aged and I still go to classes and training, but more importantly, what I learned in Grad School was how to be resourceful and teach myself new things.  You have to do this to compete and stay active in your society.

To the class of 2012 – Congratulations and Best of Luck

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