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Quebec tuition hikes

Quebec Tuition

Tuition Fees Rise

Tuition Fees Rise

I first heard about it on NPR.  The USA is not the only country facing issues with education.  I’m convinced that anytime a government is in control of education, it will eventually fail – which has been the case for the USA’s education system’s slow death.  Quebec faces a budget deficit of $3.5 Billion, although less than California’s 16 Billion deficit, and they are going to raise tuition.  It is such a heated problem that protesters have gotten violent and the education minister quit.

No compromise can be reached between the students and the government, so the education minister is “making the biggest compromise she can make”. However, the quitting of the education minister isn’t going to change the fact that the government is still going to raise tuition fees.

If you want your kids to have a good education, you need to pay for it yourself, so start fundraising now!

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