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Debt burys students

Student loans bury students

Tuition with lots of zeros

High Tuition

It is frightening when you read these stories about tuition.  California is not the only state facing tuition/education issues. In a recent article from a Florida mom, she contemplates how high tuition will be in four years, as her kid is a high school freshman.  At this point, for her it almost seems too late to be concerned about that.  She and her husband have been saving for college ever since their kid was born, but it isn’t enough.  One woman just graduated from Ohio Northern University owing $120,000 in student loans.

Her sons dream school is NYU, which is $55,000 a year.  Times four years, thats $220,000 – keep in mind most 4 year colleges are actually 5-6 year colleges now. So it go as high as $330,000 and that is only for tuition.  There is going to more required for housing, food, books and the general cost of living.

It will never be enough unless you start aggressively fundraising now!

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