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Unfulfilled Ambition

Unfulfilled Amibition

Foster YouthA recent huffington post about Foster Youth revealed the not-so-good odds of Foster Youth getting an education that will set them up for success in life.  There is a huge societal cost of unfulfilled ambition.

Of the 55,000 California children in foster care, more than 4,000 will “age out” of the system every year without a permanent connection to adults; 1,200 in Los Angeles County alone. While research shows that students in foster care score consistently lower on all academic measures than their peers throughout elementary and secondary education, and that roughly one in two will graduate from high school, a considerable number still hope to obtain college degree. Seventy one percent of 17 and 18 year-olds wanted to attend and finish college, according to the three-state Midwest Study of outcomes for transition age youth conducted by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. Here in LA County, foster youth are turning aspiration into action. A study released late last year by the Hilton Foundation found that 46% of the county’s former foster youth had enrolled in community college by the time they were in their mid twenties.

California is facing another $149 Million in Community College cuts, and the impact could be huge, as the student profiled in the post says that without college, he “would be homeless”.

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