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Unaffordable Tuition

When tuition isn’t there

Tuition Not Available

Tuition Not Available

It’s sad when the tuition isn’t there to pay for college.  More and more students are going to be facing this problem.  According to the article in the San Jose Mercury News, you can study all you want, and work toward getting accepted at your college of choice, only to find the cost of tuition is the single barrier to entry – and financial aid doesn’t cover enough to make it worth taking on the debt.  In the article, the parents are now stuck with trying to raise $50,000 a year so their daughter can go to school.  It has to be humiliating.

Middle class families are stuck with tuition debt, while lower class families have no options at all.  The trend of outpaced tuition is creating an educational black hole in America, and everyone will lose out as a society as a whole.

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